About us- Gevey Store, home of R-SIM and X-SIM

About Gevey Store

At Gevey Store, are experts on Gevey™ SIM cards, Premium Resellers of both R-SIM and X-SIM.

We have been in the business of SIM and iPhone unlocking online since 2012. We know what we talk, we know our product, we give you support when you need it.

Most importantly to us, we have grown a really good customer base (and now friend-base) with our customers around the world.

Why do we do this?

Since the early days when the first iPhones were released, we believe everyone has a right to use the phone they bought, freely, without being tied to one mobile network.

Once you have paid for the phone, we believe it’s yours, and you should be able to use it where you like.

We also believe that unlocking a phone shouldn’t cost a fortune.

That is why we founded Gevey Store and that is why we have focused on providing affordable Gevey SIM unlock solutions to customers worldwide ever since.

What can you expect from us?

We are real specialists on the iPhone unlock scene and have solutions for most cases. As indy resellers, we buy in high quantities so we always have stock and the best prices.

Giving the buyer professional service, allied with an excellent product and competitive pricing is our goal. All of our products are high quality and lot tested before selling, this way we can guarantee a 99% failure free!

In GeveyStore.com, we take security seriously. We only use PayPal, the leader in secure online payments. They use 168-bit SSL protection, to give you a safe visit and purchase.

What can you *not* expect from us?

At Gevey Store, we don’t sell miracle software, we don’t sell things available for free. However, if you need your phone unlocked, done by professionals with a passion for iDevices, then we are your store!

Where are we located?

We have recently relocated from Europe to North America. Same expertise, same service… colder winters.

hello@geveystore.com / GeveyStore.com, Brockville, ON – Canada