Heard a myth about RSIM? Find out the truth from GeveyStore

RSIM Myth, busted!

RSIM Myth: RSIM is illegal or unlocking a cell phone is illegal

Truth: RSIM is not illegal. Unlocking phones is perfectly legal, and is even protected in the United States under the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act. Some older versions of interposer SIMs needed to dial an emergency number as part of the setup, but this is not true anymore today. Even though the instructions were to hang up before the number could ring, we’re happy to say that RSIM setup today doesn’t require any emergency numbers to be dialed or called. R-SIM 12+ and 14 are perfectly legal and safe.

RSIM Myth: RSIM is hard to set up

Truth: The setup process for R-SIM is actually very easy, almost anyone can do it in about 1 minute. Even though it’s really a simple process, we explain every step clearly, in plain English, so you know you’re doing it right. Check out ourĀ R-SIM 14 instructions to see how easy it is.

RSIM Myth: If you use RSIM, you can’t update to the new iOS

Truth: R-SIM does allow you to update to each new iOS as it is released. You just need to enter the ICCID code again. We always list the current active ICCID code for RSIM on our website, for free.

RSIM Myth: You can’t fit an interposer in the SIM trays for iPhone XS Max or XR.

Truth: This was a problem at first, since their SIM trays have a different shape than other models. But, R-SIM 14 was specially designed to wrap around these SIM trays to fit them, while also fitting other models. Check out our home page for a detailed illustration of how RSIM 14 works.

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  1. Can the rsim only be used with one chip?

    1. Gevey Store

      Hi Nano, each rsim can be used in one phone at a time, but it can be used with many different sim cards (chips) over time. Just be careful not to damage the rsim each time you insert or eject it from a phone.

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