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How to Jailbreak iPhone in 2019- and is it the right solution for you?

So, you’re looking for how to jailbreak an iPhone. I bet you’re wondering: Is it safe? Will my phone still work properly?

The real question is, why do you want to jailbreak your iPhone?
If it’s to install apps not allowed in the app store, then yes, jailbreaking might be the right solution for you. (or just buy an android! No judgements ????)

BUT, most people wondering how to jailbreak an iPhone are looking to accomplish something else:
➡️ Is your iPhone locked to one network and you want to unlock it to work with any carrier?
➡️ Do you want to travel and use your iPhone in any country?
➡️ Do you want to sell your iPhone for more money because it’s unlocked?

If you’re researching jailbreaking for any of the reasons, jailbreaking might not be the best solution for you. Read on to find out why not, and better unlocking solutions for you.

Jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone are not the same thing. Unlocking your phone can be safe and affordable.

Why is jailbreaking not the best way to unlock an iPhone?

Jailbreaking may have been more useful in the early days of iPhone. Today, most of the features are available directly from Apple.

Think of how much important information is stored on your phone- credit cards linked to the app store are just one example. Having unauthorized jailbreaking software on your iPhone exposes you to security threats and risks of financial leaks

On top of all this, jailbreaking can void the warranty on your phone!

Jailbreaking basically means installing someone else’s “modified” version of the operating system (iOS) on your device. By jailbreaking, you won’t get the latest iOS updates until the “jailbreaker” modifies them for you- so the software you’re using is 6 to 12 months old at best. Since this software doesn’t come directly from Apple, it could cause problems with your phone and might not run as smoothly.

Given the very few advantages, jailbreaking just isn’t worth the risks for most people in 2019.

So, what is the best way to unlock my iPhone?

To use your iPhone with any carrier, you basically have 4 solutions:

Contact your carrier and pay them to unlock it:

Yeah, we know you probably already tried this. Either it’s too expensive, or they won’t do it because you’re not the original account holder… Keep reading.

IMEI code unlocks:

Fast and effective but expensive (around $80-120, depending on the phone and the network). If you need your phone unlocked instantly, this will work for most phones, but the downside is that you’re paying for the convenience.

Sometimes an IMEI unlock won’t work with certain iPhones- you’ll finally place your order and the company will refund you the next day saying they can’t unlock it. Aaargh! We know how that feels. Or, maybe you need an iPhone 5 unlocked but just can’t justify paying $100 to unlock a $200 phone.

Don’t worry, we do have a solution for you. Read on…

SIM Unlocks- sometimes called “Gevey SIM” unlocks after the original brand, Gevey:

As the saying goes, “you can have it good, fast or cheap, pick two…”

The downside of SIM unlocks is that it’s a physical product that needs to be mailed to you, so you’ll need to be patient. The upside is, it’s effective and affordable. Traditional solutions like X-SIM work well but they need to stay in the phone with your SIM card, so they could make the SIM tray fit a little tight.

The new generation including R-SIM 13 is a regular-looking SIM that you insert once, then take it out and use your phone just like any unlocked iPhone.

For under $20, you can safely unlock your iPhone to use with any carrier. It doesn’t affect your warranty or security, and you can always access the most recent iOS updates.

Don’t unlock your phone:

Yeah, we don’t like this option, either! This could mean anything from being stuck with an expensive network, to having your $1000 iPhone sitting useless at home while you use some inferior flip phone (no offense, guys! ????), to having no phone while you travel.

Still want to learn how to jailbreak an iPhone?

If you really want to undertake the risks associated with jailbreaking, this article about how to jailbreak iPhones is the most complete resource available.

One thing it doesn’t mention as of this writing (January 2019) is that Cydia, the biggest provider of jailbreak software and apps, has shut down. This could make jailbreaking not only more difficult but riskier.

Luckily for you, unlocking your phone with GeveyStore is safe and easy!

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