RSIM 12 Instructions

Configuring your RSIM 12 is easy. Please follow these instructions:


With the original SIM, disable mobile data. Next, remove the original SIM card. If you don’t have the original SIM, that’s ok. RSIM will still unlock your phone 95% of the time.

Optionally, reset the network settings and reboot the phone. Note that this will remove Wi-Fi passwords you might have saved so make sure you have them written down!

Step 2: INSERT RSIM 12

In your regular SIM tray, place RSIM together with your regular SIM from the new network. You want the metal parts of RSIM to touch the metallic parts of the SIM card. Note that the “cut” corners will match up when the card is placed properly.

Insert the tray into the phone.


Go to the phone pad and dial *5005*7672*88# to access the special RSIM menu. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The menu will ask you to select the network the phone is locked to and the SIM card type.

Then it will ask you to enter the ICCID. You can always find the latest ICCID codes here on our site, for free.


That’s it, you’re done! Reboot your iPhone. When the on-screen menu pops up again, click “cancel” so it will remember the last configuration you just did.

At first, in the top left-hand corner, the phone may show “no network” or “no SIM”. This is normal, just be patient! Wait a few minutes until the phone activates and gets the network

Extra tips for RSIM 12 instructions and setup

If you make a mistake while configuring the card, inserting a new SIM card will start the configuration process again. Insert any other SIM card, remove it, then try again with the one you want to use.

If you are getting a persistent “no SIM” message, that means the RSIM is not properly inserted. Put the RSIM 12 in the SIM tray first (line up the “cut” corner in the right place), and make sure to tuck the “tab” on the left down UNDER the edge of the tray. This video shows it clearly at about 0:07 – 0:12.

If you get a “no signal” or call failure message, usually the phone just needs to be rebooted. Wait 10-15 minutes after the reboot to be sure it has had enough time to get the network

If using an iPhone5 – in some cases you must select iOS 7.0.X on the configuration (if using above iOS 8)

Need help with RSIM 12?

Still having trouble? Don’t worry! Just contact us at and we will be happy to help with more detailed RSIM 12 instructions and troubleshooting.

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