These RSIM 14 instructions make it easy to unlock your iPhone XS Max with GeveyStore

RSIM 14 Instructions

Setting up your new RSIM 14 is easy. follow these instructions, and in just a few minutes you’ll have a nice unlocked iPhone, thanks to these RSIM 14 instructions.

RSIM 14 Setup Steps:

  1. Eject the old SIM card using the ejector pin provided. Pair RSIM 14 to the new SIM card (the one you want to use with the new network), set it in the SIM card tray, and insert the SIM tray into the phone.
    • For iPhone XR or XS Max, you will use the whole RSIM 14 and fold it around the SIM card, as shown below

  • For any other iPhone model, carefully detach the “max adapter” from the main RSIM chip. Pair just the small chip with the SIM card and insert the tray into the phone.

2) A new feature with RSIM 14 and RSIM 12+ is that the menu pops up automatically once you have inserted the RSIM. Wait a few moments for the menu to appear. If it doesn’t, you can pull it up by going to the phone keypad and dialingĀ *5005*7672*88#

3) Follow the instructions on the screen. Note that you will need to select the old network that the phone was locked to. If you’re not sure, no problem! You can go through the process as many times as you need until you get the right one.

4) When it asks for the ICCID code, enter it. Click here to find the newest ICCID code. The ICCID code can change every few weeks, but we always list the most recent code on our site, for free. Don’t worry, you don’t need to enter the ICCID each time it changes! Only once for new activations, and once if you update iOS.

5) That’s it! Just wait a few minutes for the phone to find the network, and you’re all set.

RSIM 14 Setup Tips

If the phone doesn’t get the network within a few minutes, reboot the phone.

Check that you selected the right network during the setup process. This is the old network, the one the phone is locked to. You don’t need to select the new network, the phone will pick that up automatically.

If you get a “no SIM” message, this means that the RSIM wasn’t inserted correctly. Just pop out the tray, adjust it so the “cut” corner will line up with the same shape of the SIM card, and the metal bits on RSIM are touching the metal bits on the SIM card. Put the tray back in, follow the instructions again, and it will work.

Congratulations! Thanks to RSIM 14 (and a little work on your part, of course!), you have an awesome unlocked iPhone that you can take to any network worldwide. Enjoy!

Any questions about these RSIM 14 instructions? Just email us at and we’ll be happy to help.