X-SIM EVO instructions to unlock any iPhone from GeveyStore

X-SIM EVO Instructions

Looking for X-SIM EVO instructions to unlock an iPhone?

It’s simple, just follow these instructions:

  1. Remove your X-SIM EVO from its protective backing, pair it with your SIM card, and insert the tray into your iPhone. (Note that you may need to tuck the “tab” of the X-SIM under the edge of your SIM tray. )
  2. You may get a message “activation failed”. No worries, this is normal. You will just need to type in a new ICCID code.
  3. Go to “Emergency call” and dial *5005*7672*00# Hit Send.
  4. Now you can type in the new ICCID -> You can always find the latest ICCID code here, for free. Hit Send.
  5. Wait a few seconds… it’s normal that during this time you will see the keypad screen. Just wait patiently…
  6. You have just unlocked your iPhone! You can now use it on any network.


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