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RSIM Myth, busted!

RSIM Myth: RSIM is illegal or unlocking a cell phone is illegal Truth: RSIM is not illegal. Unlocking phones is perfectly legal, and is even protected in the United States under the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act. Some older versions of interposer SIMs needed to dial an emergency number as part of the […]

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of R-SIM 12?

What is an RSIM? The R-SIM 12 is a way to unlock an iPhone that has been locked to one carrier. A new version is released each year:┬áRSIM 9, RSIM 10,┬áRSIM 11, etc… The R-SIM 12 is the most recent version for 2018 It’s an interposer SIM, meaning it’s a little circuit that sits on […]